3 Important Questions When Choosing Any Anti-Aging Cream


  1. Is there a single best anti-aging ingredient?
  2. Which antioxidants should you look for?
  3. Does everyone need to search for collagen or other protein enhanced ingredients in anti-aging creams?

The best products any skin-care company can offer to fight wrinkles and aging should include the following ingredients:

#1 Sunscreen

Actually, the superstar of all stars in anti-aging treatments. Of course, it must be a broad-spectrum sunscreen product rated SPF 15 or higher. We know that sunscreen isn’t nearly as exciting as the latest anti-wrinkle night cream dressed up in slick packaging, but when applied correctly, liberally that is and this means on a daily basis and before your skin encounters any daylight, and this should be done every day, it is your best defense against wrinkles, discolorations, loss of firmness, and dullness.

#2 Exfoliants

This can remove built-up layers of dead, rough, thickened, uneven surface skin cells that make skin look wrinkled and dry. This is because too much exposure to the sun damages skin and causes the outer layer of skin to become thick. Some exfoliants also have proven research showing they can increase collagen production and improve the structure of skin’s outer layer.

#3 Antioxidants

Reduces inflammation, repairs DNA damage, restores the skin’s surface barrier, helps defend against environmental stress, allows skin to build more collagen, and improve skin’s ability to heal. All antioxidants also effectively help fight sun damage. You still need sunscreen, but skin needs all the help it can get.

#4 Cell-communicating ingredients

In theory, these peptides or protein enhancers can “inform” skin cells to behave in a normal manner. The peptides and protein enhancers will lead to healthier and more normal functioning skin cells.

#5 Skin-identical substances

These substances are the same as the natural components in skin that hold skin cells together and protect it. They can replenish and restore the skin‘s external barrier, making it soft and supple, diminishing and potentially eliminating dryness with repeated use, building collagen, and helping skin defend itself from environmental factors.

Novel ingredients

Some of these ingredients actually can protect a skin cell’s membrane to keep it from being damaged by internal and external factors.

Abundant research makes it crystal clear that all of these ingredients are as good as it gets with the best anti-aging moisturizer and other night cream products to slow down your skin’s natural aging process and wrinkling. These state-of-the-art ingredients, especially when combined in a cocktail approach, mixing an assortment of these elements into one product, are without question, the types of ingredients you need, regardless of the name on the label or the product category: lotion, cream, gel, moisturizer, anti-aging, or anti-wrinkle night creams. If the product doesn’t contain these ingredients, then don’t bother buying.

It’s not necessarily about the expensive priced products

There are lots of expensive products that cheat your skin and lots of inexpensive products that generously serve up what your skin needs, and even vice versa. Word of advice: steer clear of anti-aging night creams made in China that claim “wrinkle cream that works” because they don’t offer actual proof of this and some products may contain harmful ingredients like lead.

There is no “Ultimate Best Ingredient” for anti-wrinkle products 

All of the collagen inducing ingredients listed above are the leading elements that contribute to making the best anti-aging product and state-of-the-art anti-aging night cream. There are many brilliant formulations in stable packaging that include these substances. But, contrary to what cosmetics companies want you to believe about their products, there is no single miracle ingredient for skin.

Month after month, new ingredients appear one after the other in the world of skin care, all claiming superiority over their predecessors. Even when there is research showing that the ingredient can be effective for skin, that doesn’t make it better or more essential than hundreds of other ingredients. It’s just another option, not a must have.

Think about it like your diet. Although broccoli or grapes may be incredibly healthy to eat, if you eat only those foods your health will suffer. Skin is a complex structural organ that requires many substances to function in a younger and healthier manner. This means that it should function the way it did before it became damaged by the sun.