Amandean marine collagen powder review

Amandean Premium Anti-Aging Wild Canada Marine Collagen Powder Review

Amandean Premium Anti-Aging Wild Canada Marine Collagen Powder Review

Everyone ages, but not everyone looks their age. We all want to be that person that looks 20 years younger than their real age. For some people, it’s good genes. For others, it’s a secret supplement: marine collagen.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and the building block of skin and hair.

Amandean’s marine collagen helps you age gracefully using a natural anti-aging ingredient that’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

What is Amandean Marine Collagen?

Amandean Marine Collagen

Amandean’s marine collagen supplement comes in powder form, and contains types 1 and 3 collagen peptides from wild-caught fish.

This collagen supplement is:

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-, wheat-, egg-, dairy-, yeast-, soy- and corn-free
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Derived from fish caught in the North Atlantic

Tested and packaged in the USA, Amandean’s collagen is easy to mix into your morning coffee or afternoon smoothie.

Wait – What is Type 1 and 3 Collagen?

There are three types of collagen in the body: 1, 2 and 3.

Types 1 and 3 support skin, bone, hair, nail and muscle health. Type 2 collagen supports cartilage and joints.

Some collagen supplements contain all three types, but 1 and 3 are the most important for anti-aging.

More than 90% of the collagen in the body are types 1 and 3, and they contain 19 amino acids.

Why are the Benefits of Marine Collagen?

Collagen is naturally found in animals. Most of the supplements on the market today are sourced from beef, but others are sourced from chicken, pork or fish.

Products labeled as “marine collagen” are sourced from fish, and they offer many benefits over their livestock counterparts.

1. Great Alternative to Beef Collagen

Marine collagen is ideal for:

  • Pescatarians (meaning you eat fish, but don’t eat any other animal flesh)
  • People who are allergic to beef, chicken or pork
  • People who choose not to eat beef

Fish collagen is actually sourced from the scales and skins of wild-caught fish. It’s tasteless and odorless, and it provides 9 grams of protein per serving.

2. Easily Absorbed by the Body

Fish collagen has a lower molecular weight and size, which makes it easier for our bodies to absorb.

Collagen sourced from beef, chicken or pork is more difficult for our bodies to absorb unless in hydrolyzed form, which requires more processing.

3. Anti-Aging

Fish collagen contains both type 1 and type 3 collagen, which support hair, nail and skin health. It’s no wonder collagen is a common ingredient in anti-aging products.

Marine collagen can help make skin:

  • Smoother
  • Better moisturized
  • Supple
  • Wrinkle-free

Amandean’s marine collagen contains gylcine – the “anti-aging amino.” Gylcine supports strong nails, clear skin, and shiny hair.

Taking a collagen supplement will help you replace the collagen that’s lost as you age. After you turn 30, your body’s collagen levels drop by 1.5% each year. By the time we hit 40, we lose 15% of our natural collagen.

Fun fact: Collagen accounts for 75% of your skin and 80% of your connective tissue.

Where is Amandean Marine Collagen Sourced?


Fish collagen is better absorbed by the body and helps turn back the clock, but is it safe to consume? What about mercury? What about pollution in the water?

Amandean’s marine collagen is sourced from the deep waters of the North Atlantic in Canada.

Why Choose Amandean?

why choose amandean

There are so many fish collagen supplements on the market today. Why choose Amandean?

  • Rigorously tested for quality
  • Packaged in the U.S. at an FDA-cGMP-compliant facility
  • It’s completely odorless and tasteless
  • Sourced from 100% wild-caught fish in the North Atlantic
  • Non-GMO
  • Doesn’t contain: corn, eggs, gluten, wheat, yeast, dairy or soy
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Let’s be honest: You have to be really careful about where any fish-related supplement is sourced. Pollution is a serious concern. Amandean sources their fish from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic in Canada.

How to Take Amandean Marine Collagen

One scoop a day is all you need to get all of the benefits of marine collagen.

Unlike other collagen supplements, Amandean’s product mixes into any liquid – hot or cold. And it won’t gel in cold liquids like gelatin will.

Because it’s tasteless and odorless, it’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Mix it into your:

  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Juice
  • Smoothie
  • Tea
  • Yogurt

For maximum absorption, take this supplement with vitamin C.

Is Amandean the Best Marine Collagen Supplement?

We think so.

Amandean’s marine collagen is an Amazon’s Choice product for the best marine collagen. This means that the product is highly rated, well priced and ready to ship out immediately.

Being labeled as an Amazon’s Choice product is impressive, but what really makes this supplement stand out in the crowd is its quality. Amandean’s supplement contains one ingredient: fish collagen peptides. And that one ingredient is sourced from waters that aren’t overly polluted.

On top of all of this, Amandean offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the results, return it and get your money back – no questions asked.