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SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator Review

Do you want your skin to look unhealthy? Do you want the suppleness of your skin to fade away? Do you want your skin to lose that resilient ability to stay young and healthy?

If so, stop reading this article and continue doing what you’re doing.

But if you want resilient, healthy, beautiful skin, SkinMedica HA5 is exactly what you need. Studies show by the age of 40 – 50, your skin has already lost 50% of the hyaluronic acid (HA) that you had when you were younger.

SkinMedica ha5 before and after results

That’s a major change, and this is why your skin’s ability to remain hydrated seems to vanish over the years.

Your skin is actually losing its ability to stay hydrated. No one wants this to happen to their skin, and you don’t need to suffer from fine lines, dry spots or flakes anymore. SkinMedica HA5 supports your skin’s natural ability to make HA.

That’s right – your skin’s natural ability to make HA is restored naturally.

This is huge, and it’s the key reason why people are trusting SkinMedica HA5 as a main component of their daily skin routine. It’s a powerful solution to a problem that has impacted humans since man first walked the earth.

Immediate smoothing and hydration are available all-day long.

My SkinMedica HA5 Review

You’ll find HA in one-ounce and two-ounce bottles. I recommend buying a two-ounce bottle if you’re in it to win it, but if you want to just give this product a good try before going all in, then there are smaller bottles available.

Before I list all of the ingredients in SkinMedica HA5, I just want to tell you how easy this product is to use.

  • Cleanse and tone the skin.
  • Apply SkinMedica HA5 twice per day.
  • Apply to areas where fine lines and wrinkles appear (face and neck).

A tip I recently learned is to dampen the skin to help seal in the hydration. Also, if you follow a daily skin care regimen, you’ll want to apply SkinMedica HA5 last. This is very important because you don’t want to interfere with the moisturizing power that SkinMedica offers.

Anyone in their 20s and older can use this product to:

  • Fend off wrinkles and stay young.
  • Moisturize the skin to avoid dry spots.
  • Reduce and often eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

This serum is paraben-free, and it’s filled with:

  • Antioxidants
  • Peptides
  • Hyaluronic acid

You can use this product on all skin types: dry, oily, sensitive, mature – any skin type will benefit from SkinMedica HA5.

SkinMedica HA5 Ingredients

SkinMedica HA5 Ingredients

SkinMedica HA5 features sodium hyaluronate as its key ingredient.

Even the best moisturizer to use with Retin A can compete with the ingredients in this product. There are a ton of ingredients, but I will mention the most important ingredients so that you know why this product works wonders.

The ingredients that you’ll find in SkinMedica HA5 are:

Hyaluronic Acid

You may have guessed that HA is in this product, but what does the “5” in the product’s name mean? The “5” indicates that there are five main types of hyaluronic acid in HA5. These are the key most important ingredients, and they include:

  1. Time-released HA. This ingredient is specially formulated to be released slowly over time. Your skin needs to be hydrated all throughout the day, and HA that’s time-released allows for this all-day hydration that your skin naturally offers when you’re younger.
  2. Sodium Hyaluronate. Immediate results are offered with this ingredient. Your skin will immediately start to become moisturized with sodium hyaluronate so that you can see results quickly (great before going out).
  3. Uncross-linked HA. A complex ingredient that offers two main benefits: hydration and smoothness.
  4. Nano HA. Skin can and does become inflamed. Those swollen marks and puffiness are not doing your skin any good. Nano HA actively works to soothe the skin, making it look younger and healthier in the process.
  5. Cross-linked HA. Hydration power is important with any skin care routine. When using cross-linked HA, you’re offered eight hours of hydration. Since you’re applying this product twice per day, you’ll have impeccable hydration all day long.

Whew, that’s a powerful combination of hyaluronic acid, but that’s not all that this product has to offer.

When you have SkinMedica HA5 on your side, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Vitis Flower Stem Calls. Yup, flower stem cell extract is in this product, and it acts as a potent antioxidant that kills free radicals and protects the skin.
  • Peptide Complex. A complex that is meant to support your skin’s natural hydration and rejuvenation process.
  • Plankton Extract. An extract from Plankton that has been shown to promote healthy-looking skin.

You’ll also find that this product has a slew of other ingredients, such as the exotic polysaccharides, which come from French Polynesia. Whey protein, which supplies the skin with more protein, makes your complexion look fuller and healthier.

All of these ingredients have been added by SkinMedica to work together in a synergistic manner. This means they all work off of each other’s benefits to be more powerful than ever before.  It is also works great with their other product lines, including our favorite their TNS serum.

It’s exactly what your skin needs to be young, healthy and beautiful again.

SkinMedica HA5 Customer Reviews

SkinMedica HA5 Reviews

You definitely want to spend your time looking at reviews when ordering any product online. Reviews let you know exactly what to expect from a product. And since reviews are at your fingertips, it only makes sense to start reading them.

I suggest that you also check out   – they visually show you how well this product works.

What are people saying about this rejuvenating hydrator?

They’re singing praises for this product. You know what? Don’t take my word for it. There are reviews that will give you an idea of just how well this product works below.

  • I’ve used this product for over a year. I use it daily, and I wake up with super smooth, soft skin. My face was dry and tight in the morning before I started using this product.
  • My face looks so healthy and youthful when I use this product. (This review is from someone that is 60!).
  • I absolutely love the feel of HA5 on my skin. It also layers well with other products and makeup.
  • This product works like magic. It’s a complete game changer. My dry spots look normal again and my fine lines have disappeared.

I didn’t want to overwhelm you with additional reviews, but you get the point – people love this product.

You’ve seen what the ingredients can do from my review above. SkinMedica HA5 works extremely well, and the best SkinMedica products are still more affordable than the competition.

Where to Buy SkinMedica HA5

Where to Buy SkinMedica HA5

SkinMedica HA5 is a hot product, and while a lot of retailers claim to offer the real deal, many of them are selling fakes. There are a lot of fakes being sold, and even Amazon has a bunch of fake SkinMedica HA5 products that are clogging up their store.

It’s never a good feeling to be scammed- especially with the price tag on skin care products.

Even the manufacturer has sent out alerts to consumers that counterfeit product are being sold on Amazon.

You don’t want to trust anyone that is not the official manufacturer when buying this product. If you want the real deal, you’ll want to follow the link below to go to the SkinCareRx website.

Click here to buy SkinMedica HA5 directly from the manufacturer – you won’t be sorry.

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